How We Work

What is our Operational Model?

We realize that that increasing financial pressures must ensure a variation in strategy to ensure consistent wide reach and sustainability. While we will seek grants from multilateral partners, international NGOs, governments and private philanthropic, these sources of funding are often constrained.

Therefore the foundation is adopting market-based solutions which are more resilient ("sustainable") and easier to grow ("scalable"). We will be a non-profit with earned income from our unique products and services.

With expected profitability, our earnings can be ploughed back into the venture. This new financial model will challenge us to innovate, be financially disciplined, and stimulate efficiency and stability. Our business model as a non-profit with earned income helps refocus our strategy and build in sustainability.

So our financial picture includes key sources of income like government grants and individual philanthropy while our expenditures will include cost of consumables for classroom teaching and capital projects like library building and equipment, hosting of our website with online resources, organization of mentoring seminars and scholarships for exceptional students.

We are embarking on new areas to generate income like payment of tokens for registration, library use and book rentals and sales of publications like study aids and revision guides. New form of expenses will include payment of extramural teachers to retain our best brains and ensure consistency of lecture delivery and service. Volunteers retention rates is always a living challenge.

Our goal remains increasing the number of people who benefit from EduShine. We aim to become a nationwide venture involving all strata of education from primary to university. We are also poised to network and build strategic partnership with publishers, educational agencies and interested individuals.


The Problem

The current passing rate at the secondary school exit exams is pathetic - with a 70% failure rate, and a meagre 39% pass rate in Mathematics and English language being reported in the Senior School WAEC/NECO.

What will become of this mass of students in the future who are neither fit for further education in the university nor employable. Every year, Nigeria produces a mass of functional illiterates who can barely read or write.

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Where to find us?

Head Office
Suite A30, Nkwegu Plaza, Area 3 Junction
Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone Number
+234(0) 901 711 8381